Grafika EAF dla Branżowych Symulacji Biznesowych

The innovation and quality of Revas Business Simulations Games have been recognized by an independent certification body.

Teb edukacja gry dydakyczne

It was a big implementation! Read about how it happened that we have introduced Revas Business Simulations Games to all 45 branches of TEB Edukacja in Poland.

Revas partnerem szkoły Microsoft w Gdyni

Students of the Complex of General Education Schools No. 8 in Gdynia have been able to use Revas Business Simulations Games from September. How did REVAS become a Microsoft partner? Be sure to read this article!

Szkoła przyszłości Microsoft Edu Days

On May 16, in the center of MsMermaid at Wioślarska Street in Warsaw, the Microsoft EduDays 2019 – School of the Future conference and a day later – the University of the future conference were held, within which Microsoft presented the concept of both the school and the university of the future.