Teach business

Allow your students to manage virtual
companies in a selected industry.


Business Simulation Games

In these decision games, participants of your course will set up and manage virtual companies. How does it work?

  • Divide your group into teams that will start separate virtual companies.
  • Teams run their companies making realistic business decisions.
  • Virtual companies compete for customers with businesses in one market.
  • Teams analyse market results, draw conclusions, solve business problems.

There is no single right answer, each game is a real entrepreneurship training for the players.

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Why is it worth implementing the Revas Business Simulations Games in your organization?

and easy to use
Train decision
making under
time pressure
Boost engagement
and motivation
to learn
Available 24/7
business decisions
in a selected

Choose a simulation
set tailored to your needs

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What our clients say about
Revas Business Simulation Games

Dr hab. Magdalena Ślusarczyk

The “Travel agency” simulation is prepared with great care, taking into account all the needs of entrepreneurs, a rich database of employees who can be hired and the offer largely reflecting the realities of the Polish market of tourist services. I have not given up on the theoretical discussion of various issues of entrepreneurship, but supplementing them with participation in the game in my opinion is definitely beneficial for students and allows them to verify their knowledge.

Magdalena Ślusarczyk Associate Professor
Lecturer Jagiellonian University in Krakow

Daniel Bilbin

For several weeks I have had the pleasure to participate in a business simulation as an employee of ING Bank. Therefore, I would like to share some insights and suggestions for improving the game. I think the very idea of creating such a game is very good and useful in checking and developing my organizational and managerial skills. I think that you can think about making other types of enterprises available in the game.

Daniel Bilbin
ING Bank Śląski S.A.

Joanna Chylińska

Revas Business Simulations Games are a great form of conducting lessons showing in practice how many decisions have to be made, how many problems have to be solved and how many things must be remembered when running own business. Moreover, competition (ranking of companies) encourages students to work, and they start with pleasure and smiles the next rounds.

Joanna Chylińska
Teacher Pomeranian Craft Schools

Mateusz Ferfecki

I like the simulation very much. This is something completely different from all other school subjects. In my opinion, such classes should appear in education much earlier to show young people other possibilities and general principles of business operations...

Mateusz Ferfecki
Student/Entrepreneur Complex of Communications Schools in Krakow/Matezun.com

Karol Piotrowski

The simulations are very interesting. I like the idea very much. In fact, you cannot be “a big spender" when planning the whole month budget, which really approaches to reality.

Karol Piotrowski
Student Jagiellonian University in Krakow

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Our simulations with EAF quality certificate!

The innovation and quality of Revas Business Simulations Games have been recognized by an independent certification body.
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Revas Business Simulations Games at TEB Edukacja

It was a big implementation! Read about how it happened that we have introduced Revas Business Simulations Games to all 45 branches of TEB Edukacja in Poland.
Revas partnerem szkoły Microsoft w Gdyni

Revas is a partner of Microsoft Flagship School in Gdynia

Students of the Complex of General Education Schools No. 8 in Gdynia have been able to use Revas Business Simulations Games from September. How did REVAS become a Microsoft partner? Be sure to read this article!