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1. How many employees to you need to hire in order to serve all customers in 1 month for the following services:
- Service 1: Demand = 125, Manhours = 2
- Service 2: Demand = 70, Manhours = 1,4
- Service 3: Demand = 85, Manhours = 0,3
We assume that an employee can work 160 manhours monthly.
2. Which of the following elements affect employee satisfaction?
3. The service you want to offer does not appear in the ‘Sale’ tab. Why?
4. Emergency loan (overdraft) is:
5. When you decide to dismiss an employee, when will his/her contract terminate?
6. What is the difference between the scorecard and accumulated scorecard?
7. What does it mean when a team has 'lost sales'?
8. How do you calculate monthly demand forecast for a service?
9. After purchasing a workstation it will be available:
10. What does a monthly bonus for an employee influence?