Revas Certified Instructor Training – how to conduct business classes online with simulation games

Target group

Business teachers, business related courses lecturers


You can’t learn to ride a bicycle just by reading a book about it, can you?
The same with managing a business. Coursebooks and paper exercises set the necessary theoretical grounds. However, to really learn how to manage company, we need to simulate the business environment and this is where business simulation games come in handy.

During the training:

  • You will become a manager of a virtual Travel Agency for 3 virtual months making realistic managerial decisions – hiring staff, investing in equipment, purchasing suppliers, setting prices etc. as well as competing for customers with other teams in your market.
  • You will find out how to use Revas Business Simulation Games in your teaching.

P.S. According to Education Alliance Finland report on the educational quality of Revas games, simulations can help achieve a number of business studies curriculum points.


December 8, Wednesday

Start at:

4 pm CEST

2021-12-08 16:00:00

2021-12-08 19:00:00

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3 hours